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Monday, January 19, 2009

JF: Story of a Girl (YA) (5/5)

JF: Story of a Girl (YA) (5/5)

This was a good, quick read though I am beginning to wonder if it is a prerequisite for all realistic fiction to feature a girl with the reputation as a slut, even though she really isn't one.

Deanna was found, as an 8th grader, by her father having sex with her older brother's best friend. That moment shaped her life--the boy, Tommy, told the story and Deanna earned a reputation for being a slut. Deanna's father couldn't really look at her the same way after that and Deanna's brother became over protective. Deanna hasn't had sex since (3 years) but she is daily fighting the way that people perceive her.

What sets this book apart from the typical "girl with a bad reputation" book is the characters. They are well developed and readers will care about them. Deanna is a character you feel for, seeing how her reputation has ruined her self-esteem. Her older brother, Darren, dealing with being a father as a teenager, still has time to check on her and keep tabs on her. Deanna's boss, Michael, is a good friend to her.

Girls especially will get into this book. It is gritty but ends on a positive note. I gave it a 5/5.

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